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  • Learn your favorite songs in minutes, not weeks.
  • Always know exactly what to practice.
  • Anyone can play.
  • For beginners, returners and advanced players
About Us

about acousticify

We pride ourselves on bringing our love of music, a life enriching tool of self-expression, to students worldwide via our freemium online educational platform.

Most music programs try to sell you on fast and easy progress, rushing through, or skipping entirely, the foundational skills vital to branching out and expressing yourself through the style that calls to you. Our ground-up acoustic approach will leave you with the versatility to play in whatever acoustic style you feel most at home playing.

Play A Song On Your First Day

It’s absolutely vital to learn and play songs quickly, if you’re just starting out, you need to learn songs faster to stay motivated, gain skills, and fall in love with your instrument. As the beginners, learning some of easy songs can be a great way to jump-start their music-learning journey. Start playing your full favorite songs in hours rather than days! 

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