We pride ourselves on bringing our love of music, a life enriching tool of self-expression, to students worldwide via our freemium online educational platform.

Most music programs try to sell you on fast and easy progress, rushing through, or skipping entirely, the foundational skills vital to branching out and expressing yourself through the style that calls to you. Our ground-up acoustic approach will leave you with the versatility to play in whatever acoustic style you feel most at home playing.

Learning to play the instrument should enrich your life. It should give you joy and a sense of accomplishment. It should NOT create stress – about your money or your time. That’s why we want to create Acousticify.com and give you freemium high-quality lessons that fit your life.

When a new member joins Acousticify, we always ask them why they chose online lessons instead of a private teacher. The most common answers we get are that online lessons give them the flexibility to learn when they want, for a fraction of the cost. And it’s true. Video lessons allow you to learn whenever you want, even at 3am on a Wednesday! You make the schedule, not a teacher, so you can learn at the speed that’s best for you. And with Acousticify you have access to real teachers whenever you want. We can structure a learning and practice plan that’s personalized for your goals.

Our Mission is simple

Our mission has always been to bring people the joy of music in a safe space where you can feel comfortable fostering your talents: your home. Our greatest strength, beyond our amazing expertise or our detailed and involved instruction, is the passion for music that drives every team member and every instructor to bring you the joy of music. We love music, and we want you to feel that same connection you can only get by playing it yourself.

Our values are clear

Our process is constantly evolving to fit the needs of our students. As we learn your needs, we improve not only the quality of instruction for you, but for all members that may find themselves in similar circumstances. Acousticify offers a unique experience from any other service because we care, and we want to turn our care and our passion into a beautiful skill that will last you a lifetime. We look forward to sharing our skills and spreading the passion that drives us to you.

We believe that learning to play the instrument should make your life better. It should fit into your life – not the other way around. Have fun playing the instrument, and if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.


Our authors are passionate about teaching and thrilled to get to be a part of your journey to learn how to play the acoustic music.



Eliza Wisoky has been playing the piano for over 15 years and has a background in modern music. She has created a unique style of playing and teaching that incorporates the popular cocktail piano style. She strives to teach her students to understand harmony as they develop their own style. By using her experiences, Eliza has helped students express their passion for music by teaching techniques that can be used in their freestyle playing. She loves to coach students to be able to play their favorite songs by ear.

Kallie Mertz

Ukulele Teacher

Kallie Mertz is a professional ukulelist with 18 years of experience playing and performing. She has 8 years of experience as a professional teacher and has taught over one hundred students for thousands of hours to date. Kallie is passionate about sharing her expertise and knowledge with her students. Not only is Kallie dedicated to teaching her students, but she also strives to impact their lives and help them achieve their dreams. To her, teaching has become more than just an experience to share with others and refine his instructing skills. She has found great joy in helping her students play songs that they never thought they would be able to perform.

Arden Roberts

Guitar Teacher

Arden Roberts has been playing and teaching guitar for almost 20 years. He incorporates a unique teaching style into his lessons and is devoted to providing the correct tools needed to master the guitar quickly. He teaches with a clear step-by-step program that has proven time and time again to maximize the results of his students. Arden's motto is if you can visualize it, you can do it. He strives to help students learn the why behind the notes and apply this knowledge to make music. His one-of-a-kind style is unforgettable for his students.