20 Easy Christmas Songs to Play on Guitar

Every Christmas guitar chord song in this article has a “Basic” arrangement and a “Full” arrangement.

The basic arrangement contains the vocal melody as a solo (so you can play it the way you would sing it) with the easy guitar chords above the staff. You can play the melody or the chords, or play as a duet with a friend (one plays chords, one plays melody.) In this article, the chords are placed on the exact beat that they should be played. If a chord falls on beat one, (or two, or three, or four), it is intentional. Chords should be strummed on every quarter note, or in the case of 6/8, all six eighth notes.

The full arrangement is meant to be played alone, as a solo. It combines the essence of the chord changes and preserves the complete melody. This is ideal for performing or any other solo endeavors.

Time Signatures – The time signatures tell us how many beats are in each measure, and what kind of beats they are. Every song has the time signature at the front, but be very aware that the time signature can change at any time in the music. When it does, then you change your count (how many beats in a measure.) For example, a song may begin in 4/4 (four quarter notes per measure) and may change to a 3/4 time (three quarter notes in each measure.) Then it may go back to 4/4 again. Be on the lookout for time changes! 6/8 time is counted as ‘1 2 3 4 5 6’, six eighth notes per measure, and usually has a pulse that is 1 2 3, 1 2 3.

Repeats – When you see double dots at the beginning of a measure (repeat open), look ahead until you find double dots at the end of another measure (repeat close), and play from the repeat open one more time.

Alternate Endings – Using repeats, skip to each alternate ending after repeating the first measure. In this example of 4 measures or bars, play: (bar 1 then 1st ending), (bar 1 then 2nd ending), (bar 1 then 3rd ending.)

Every level of guitar player (beginner as well as the intermediate and advanced guitar player) can learn these Christmas songs on guitar quickly and easily.

If you are a new guitar player, check out some easy guitar chord songs that will inspire you to pick up the guitar.

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