Easy Guitar Songs

If you are a beginner, looking for easy guitar songs to strum and show-off to your friends, then this is for you.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are an experienced player, or whether you have picked up a guitar for the first time, learning some easy songs on guitar is not going to hurt. In fact, some beginner guitar songs sound quite impressive to the layman, and can easily earn you brownie points while playing in front of friends or family. These super-easy guitar songs are also a great choice for those who are just looking for a bit of inspiration while learning how to play the guitar.

By getting familiar with these beginner guitar chords, you can easily build your guitar playing skills on a solid foundation, while at the same time, enhance your playing technique and take your guitar playing skills to a whole other level. In time, you will grow more fluent with playing and strumming your favorite guitar songs.

Factors to Consider when Identifying Easy Guitar Songs

So, what makes a guitar song “easy”? That’s a great question. While there are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting an “easy” guitar song, we have focused on the following, which are the traits of a good beginner song.  To answer your question, here are a few traits of an easy guitar song.

It Contains a Minimal Number of Chords

An easy guitar song is one that has fewer chords (duh!). This is mainly because the more chords a song has, the more difficult it is to play. This is why easy guitar songs are those which can be played using not more than three or four chords. In fact, you will be surprised at how many of your favorite songs can be played using just three or four chords. 

Guitar-Friendly Keys

Every musical instrument has its easy keys and complex keys. For instance, in the piano, those keys that have the least sharps or flats are considered to be easier to play. When it comes to the humble guitar, the number of open chords defines how easy it is to play a key. This means those chords that use the first three frets only.


And finally, the tempo of a song is another factor that will determine how simple a song is to play on the guitar. It goes without saying that faster songs are going to be harder to play as compared to slow songs. 

Easy Guitar Songs

The good news is, learning how to play the guitar does not have to take years of practice. It will not involve months of tedious drills and practice sessions so that you can have fun while playing your favorite guitar songs. In fact, this list of carefully curated guitar songs will make it easy for you to impress your friends with your guitar playing prowess in no time.

Many of the songs that are given below will need a capo, but there’s no need to worry as its use comes highly recommended to improve your playing. The best part is, you can easily adjust the key according to the song that you are playing while keeping the same finger placement of the chord.

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Now, all you have to do is just choose a song from the list given above and learn the chords that go along with it. Since these songs are all easy, you should not have any trouble learning them in no time. Additionally, the songs mentioned above are in no particular order when it comes to difficulty, so there’s no reason to feel intimidated, making your way down the list. All you have to do is listen to the songs carefully and make the decision of whether or not you would want to try them. That being said, it’s best for you to start with a song that you will be comfortable with.

How to Master Easy Guitar Songs?

While playing any song for the first time might feel difficult regardless of them being easy guitar songs. If you follow the steps that have been given below, you will find that playing the songs you like isn’t that difficult, after all.

Learning Basic Chords is Essential

What makes the guitar a truly unique instrument that’s loved by men and women of all ages is that learning just a few chords allows you to play dozens of songs. But, you will want to start with the open-string basic chords if you are a beginner before you can shred a guitar like Les Paul. All you need to do is perfect just five chords, and you will be able to play many of your favorite tunes.

Keep Practicing Changing Chords

As with learning any musical instrument, you will need to first learn the chords well in order to play the songs you like. This means you will need to learn how to effortlessly transition between chords while playing a song without stopping. While playing, each of the notes should sound clean and clear. To do that, you will need to keep practicing how to switch between chords until you can play with your eyes closed.

Practice makes Perfect

Just like with playing any other musical instrument, you will need to practice, and a lot of it. Picking up the guitar once a week just for a few minutes isn’t going to cut it. If you really want to learn how to play the guitar, then you will have to dedicate at least an hour of your time every day towards the craft, even if you will be playing easy guitar songs.

Play Along with Song Recordings

Once you are able to play these chords with your eyes closed, it’s time to take it up a notch. Put on your favorite (simple) song that can be played with the chords you’ve learned (you will find quite a few) and play along with the recording. Learning how to match the tempo while playing is going to be crucial, not just to master these guitar chords, but also if you are interested in playing in a band later on.

Break the Song Down

Whenever I learn a new song, I first take a minute to break the song down into parts and then practice it. Sometimes, you might be interested in learning a chorus, a quick solo (if possible); breaking the song down into parts will help you focus and identify which area or chord needs more work.

You will need to play one song over and over again in order to get it right. Remember, if you are learning how to play the guitar, you will have to practice a lot even if they are easy songs to learn on a guitar.

Final Words

Knowing how to play the guitar is a pretty awesome skill to have, whether you are a boy or a girl. There’s just something about learning how to play new chords, practicing different melodies, and working to refine your timing that makes guitar one of the most interesting musical instruments to play. As long as you practice the aforementioned easy beginner guitar songs, you will be well on your way to developing a solid foundation and grow your guitar chops from there.

Who knows, someday, you might become the next Slash (just don’t keep the same haircut).

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