20 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners to Learn

Now that you have some basic knowledge about the piano, it is time to try out some easy piano songs to sing and play. This is a great way to enhance the skills that you have and to ensure that you are able to have some fun and actually play some of the notes and keys on the piano.

20 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners

Learning these beginner-level songs will home your expertise to try out intermediate and advanced-level songs. With time, you will be able to play the famous songs that you always wanted to. Here are 20 easy songs to play on the piano that are perfect for beginners to get start off with.

Note: While we can’t promise that you will love all songs in this article (we’re all different), we do promise that with some practice and hard work, you will be able to play these beginner piano songs easily. You can then take those skills and keep working hard to become a professional in no time.

Another thing to note is that the above songs will have basic piano chords and notes to practice. Later you can start learning the advanced versions of these songs, which are not easy for a newbie. There are lots more of these short and simply played songs on the internet that you can find for yourself. There are also other versions of these piano songs that have more complicated notes and advanced chords that you can find when you’ve mastered them this way and are ready to try something a bit more challenging.

General FAQ:

» What should I do when I’m slow at playing these songs?

Don’t worry if you’re slow at playing these easy piano songs at first, that’s completely normal and you should even expect to find it a bit on the hard side in the beginning. If you don’t find it hard at all, well then good for you. You might be a savant who can move on a lot more quickly.

» What are easy piano songs?

The idea of easy songs to play on piano can often seem extremely limited. In my opinion, the simple piano songs are the ones that beginner players can play easily with very few basic chords. Believe it or not – but there are thousands of songs that you can play with just the three to four chords you know (reference)! So, you just need to remember about 15 basic piano chords to be able to play the majority of songs you are likely to find!

» How to learn these easy piano songs effectively?

Learning is fun and you should feel enthusiastic about your new endeavor. I don’t care if you’re ninety-years-old or five years old, when you’re playing these simple piano songs, have fun. Sing, laugh, hit the wrong notes, then hit the right ones. Mistakes will be made, but so will corrections. And along the way, memories will be made.

» Is it easy to play a specific song on the piano?

You might be surprised to find that there are many songs out there that sound hard to play but aren’t. And as far as that goes, there are simple ways to play song of all kinds. You could decide only to play the bass clef in a piece of music. Or maybe just the opposite, the treble clef might look like something you could tackle.

» Do I have to play the entire piece of music?

You don’t have to play the entire piece of music to get something out of it. As long as you’re playing is all that really matters. Little by little, with practice and patience, you will get to wherever it is that you want to be as a piano player.

» What is the best way to learn these easy piano songs?

Repetition is the key to mastering this instrument. “Practice makes perfect,” is a saying that began with teaching piano players. So now you’ve got some basic piano chords to practice each day and a handful of easy piano songs you can play and sing to. Things are coming along nicely. You’ve already begun the process of neuroplasticity. How does it feel? Good, huh?

We’re all different, and as that, we all learn at different speeds. But the thing to remember is this – we all can learn. So, let’s keep moving forward, shall we?

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