Now that you know a little bit more about the ukulele and some of the different chords that come with this instrument, it is time to add in a few easy ukulele songs that you can practice and learn. Listen to these songs – unless you already know them – and play along with the tracks you find on YouTube or other online resources.

As you practice, the songs will become easier to memorize – and eventually, you will be able to play them by heart. Even if you’re not a singer, playing along and singing for practice is a great way to learn about timing and how to keep it consistent. By synchronizing the lyrics and the chords, you allow the timing, chords, and lyrics to really come together and create the song.

Four Important Chords To Play Hundreds Of Easy Songs On The Ukulele

A great benefit of the ukulele is that you can play many songs with very few simple chords (good news for beginner players). There are tons of songs that use the same four chords I, IV, V and vi (C, F, G, & Am in the key of C or G, C, D, & Em in the key of G…), and they are the four most important chords that you should start off with. These chords are arranged in different orders, called chord progressions, and you’ll be surprised to find out how many popular songs use the same chords and chord progressions. These chords alone will let you strum along or play and sing to so many songs that you already love. That’s why playing any song on ukulele is not difficult at all.

Easy Ukulele Songs For Beginners:

You do NOT have to be able to read music to play the ukulele. Instead, we have provided you with simple ukulele chord songs (included video tutorials) that will help you play quickly! Most of these songs use only the I, vi, IV & V chords, and I’m talking about popular, well-known songs that you always wanted to sing and play.

Easy Ukulele Songs Practicing Tips:

» I suggest you take it slow to start with – just strum each chord deliberately. If you find the chord changes too quick, or if you cannot manage one, don’t worry – you can just skip it, keep on singing, and resume playing with the next chord you know or can get to.

» Try any one or two songs you like best or find the easiest one. You can also easily find their tablatures online. Get their printout and use it to play a song’s chords. Practice a song at least five times so you the hang of it and can play it without any difficulty. Once you can play it effortlessly, move to another song. Try working on one song every day and slowly make a collection of songs you can play beautifully.

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