When beginner acoustic guitar players are having a hard time, they’re typically struggling in five specific areas. Every one of these factors is crucial when it comes to successfully playing the guitar. In fact, they could be considered pillars! If a guitarist is missing just one of the five major essential pillars, it’s likely that they’ll have a frustrating experience with the guitar.

On the other hand, players that focus on these five areas will eventually have essential skills that they can build upon. When guitarists have mastered the basics, they can learn to play the songs that they love the most.

1. Strumming:

This is what gives the guitar its appealing smooth sound.

When you’re new to the guitar, the first thing you should do is master strumming. You’ll find that strumming is an essential skill you’ll be drawing on for as long as you play the guitar.

2. Clean Chords:

Guitarists shouldn’t just learn to play chords; they should make sure that the chords that they play are free of buzzing.

This is a foundational guitar skill. If your chords are clean, listeners will be able to hear every note that you play.

3. Switching Chords:

Guitarists need to learn to transition from one chord to the next.

This may be the most common issue for novice guitar players. If you struggle to switch chords, there’s a lot of music you won’t be able to play.

4. Music Theory:

Why do some chords sound great together? Why do others seem to clash?

Guitarists can answer these questions if they learn more about music theory. Once a guitarist grasps basic theory concepts, their guitar playing will start to improve.

5. Song Playing:

Guitarists need to bring all of these skills together in order to play their favorite tunes.

After all, the entire reason that people try to learn the guitar is that they want to play songs. If you work on the other four skills, you’ll be playing songs before you know it. Want some beginner guitar songs to play? Visit here!

Work to build foundational skills as you’re learning the guitar. Once you’ve grasped these skills, you’ll start to make more progress. You’ll be able to sidestep a lot of common mistakes and successfully play the acoustic guitar.

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