Why Play Guitar? My Reasons and Yours!

People have different reasons for wanting to learn the guitar. I was thirteen when I started. I had been playing the violin for about five years and the piano for two. 

I loved the violin and still play. But the piano, while helpful for teaching me music theory, was not appealing to me. It is difficult to play full chords and arrangements on the violin. The piano solved this – I could play music that sounds complete on its own. But I was a restless thirteen-year-old. On a gorgeous summer day, the only way I would practice is by going out on the porch. This was no problem with the violin, but it wasn’t going to work on the piano. I could just not sit still long enough on a beautiful day to play the piano. 

So, I started looking for an instrument that I could take outside and easily play chords on. Sounds like a job for the guitar!

Guitar is an extremely easy instrument to play
Guitar is an extremely easy instrument to play

Maybe the guitar bug has caught you for similar reasons. You are already a musician and you would like to add to your arsenal. Or you are totally new to music. Either way, I would encourage you to write 10 reasons you want to learn the guitar. Write them before reading mine. Take time and don’t cheat… no Googling! Your goals will guide the buying process. Here are my 10 reasons.

01. Versatile

The guitar is used in almost every genre of music. From blues bands to baroque ensembles, you can hop right in. 

02. Sounds good on its own

The guitar is easily a one-man band. It’s amazing how six strings can sound as complex as a symphony orchestra. Unlike many instruments, unaccompanied guitar does not sound lonely. 

03. Sounds good in a group

On the other hand, the guitar plays well with others, too. Name a group, and it has a guitarist. And that guitarist is likely a leader. Once you become a good guitar player, people will want to play music with you. 

04. Portable

I addressed this earlier. Unlike the piano or double bass, you can easily take it wherever you go. This includes to the beach campfire with that girl you want to impress.

05. Sing along

It’s awfully hard to play the trumpet and sing at the same time. But many guitarists also provide their own vocals. And if you can’t get into singing, then there’s someone out there who would love to belt out to your music. By learning just a few simple guitar chords and progressions, you can play hundreds (even thousands) of guitar songs quickly.

06. Vibe

This reason is hard to define but indisputable. Playing the guitar has a certain “vibe.” To me it says, I don’t care whether playing the guitar makes me look foolish or cool. I just want to have fun playing music.

07. Open to experimentation

It’s no coincidence that the guitar has been key to most of the new forms of music in the last few decades. What other instruments are available in electric or acoustic versions?

08. Good for your brain

Playing an instrument is one of the few activities that uses both sides of the brain equally. Playing the guitar will help hone your fine motor skills and also teach you creative ways to solve problems.

09. Abundance of literature

There is no shortage of things to play on the guitar. Almost all popular music of the last fifty years has some guitar part. Then there’s the classical guitar repertoire, stretching out hundreds of years. And don’t forget jazz, folk, blues… you will never have a problem finding a new piece of music to learn. This goes for any level – from beginner to virtuoso, you will find something to play.

10. Door to creativity

There’s a reason that many of the Twentieth Century’s great songwriters were guitarists. The guitar lends itself toward creating music. So while you’ll never run out of other people’s music to play, don’t be afraid to write your own!

Now that you have an idea of why you want to play the guitar, let’s look at which guitar is right for you.

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